Do Blue Roses Exist?

Blue RoseBlue roses do not exist in reality. Naturally, roses do not contain the right pigmentation that is required to produce the blue color. But people are often dreaming of the impossible. Thus, through the years, such roses have been created and commercially sold. The unusual roses do not fail to mesmerize and amaze. Alternative techniques have been discovered and widely practiced to create them. You should not be surprised to see such roses in many splendid flower arrangements and bouquets.

It is a usual practice to create them out of white roses. To do so, white roses are cut prematurely. They are dipped into blue blue-colored dye. After minutes or even hours, the petals effectively turn blue. This is the reason you could actually find and buy blue-colored roses that are not made of plastic. These roses are considered great challenges. Any person who is given a blue rose is logically, instantly, and naturally amazed at the efforts in finding, producing, and buying such flowers.

Perhaps, one of the reasons why blue-colored roses are in demand is the significance or symbolism. The color blue when applied to flowers like roses could assume different notable and unique meanings. For one, blue roses exist mysteriously. This is because as mentioned, they do not actually exist in nature. The appearance and color are instantly defying the natural course of nature, making such roses ambiguous and mysterious. The mystery conveyed is further accentuated by the known fact that such roses are not real. There is a sense of surrealism created. In other words, blue-colored roses are oddly enigmatic.

Blue roses could symbolize the unattainable and the impossible. They are rare sight in our nature. To many, a blue rose is no more than a dream or a fantasy. In this way, these flowers symbolize something different and very impossible to achieve. It would impress and amaze any recipient of such roses to actually see, behold, and posses them. A blue rose could represent an undying hope for a type of love that is unrequited or impossible. It is like a miracle in nature. This way, many men try to lure and win women they court through giving a set of such oddly colored flowers. These roses certainly do not fail to impress and persuade.

As mentioned, no plant could ever produce and bear any blue rose naturally. It would take a lot of effort to turn any rose into blue. This gives blue roses more and deeper meaning. When arranging them, it is best to put them together with yellow roses. They instantly match with each other. If you are giving a blue rose as a present, it would be best to tie it with an equally astounding blue ribbon. It could also be placed in a new or clean vase. Remember to give a blue rose (or roses) to someone while it is still fresh. That is because the artificial color would surely darken over time especially when it is put in a vase with water. This is because its petals would soon revert back to their natural color.

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