The Meaning of Rose Colors

Bouquet Of Yellow RosesRoses have been a favorite flower from the very beginning. They are long-lasting and vibrant in color. The varied messages you can send with the different colors of roses is intriguing. They can convey that secret message that you are reluctant to say with words. Knowing the meaning of rose colors will help you say it all more clearly.

Lavender Roses

Any shade of purple is a symbol of majesty. The traditional meaning of receiving a lavender rose is that they loved you at first sight. This rose has a magical sense about it and symbolizes enchantment with a tinge of wonder and impossibility.

Orange Roses

These roses remind us of a blazing fire with determination to consume everything in its way or a gentle, yet vibrant sunset at dusk. Orange is cheerful and vibrant while expressing fascination. You can express enthusiasm, desire, excitement, emerging romantic feelings and passion when you send orange roses.

Peach Roses

These roses are a great way to say how much you miss a friend or simply “thanks”. The meaning of rose colors such as peach will help send a strong message of modesty, sincerity, gratitude and appreciation.

Yellow Roses

These beautiful roses can send a message of friendship, joy, delight, welcome, friendship, happiness or caring. They are also great for saying a hearty, “Welcome back” or “I care”. The warmness of this color is like the close relationship often shared with a friend.

White Roses

Since early times the white rose has depicted purity and true love. The meaning of rose colors is important when you consider what color to choose. When you send white roses you can send a message of secrecy, worthiness and innocence. Oftentimes white roses are used in arrangements when a loved one departs from this earth showing reverence and honor. White rosebuds leave you with the feeling of one to young and tender for love.

Pink Roses

Pink roses carry different meanings according to the shade. Admiration or sympathy is most often displayed with the medium pink, while the softest pink is a symbol of grace, gentleness or joy. If you want to show someone how grateful you are or how much you appreciate them, use deep pink. Other messages can be elegance, happiness or sweetness.

Red Roses

If you want to tell someone you love them, only red roses will do. The meaning of rose colors never gets mixed up when it comes to red. Other colors may vary, but only red means “I love you with all of my heart.” Red roses are also a way of congratulating a winner. Even in horse racing the winning horse is often given a blanket of red roses to show what they accomplished.

The meaning of rose colors is deeply intertwined in the roses you choose to give. Underlying all of the different messages one message comes across strongly: “You are important and I care.”

The next time someone you love deserves a bouquet of roses, send roses that send a message in the color.

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